From the Chancellor

UCSC Chancellor George Blumenthal, 2017Sustainability is in our DNA here at UC Santa Cruz. It is integral to our research, teaching and public service mission, and essential to our future. That is why I am excited to see sustainability increasingly integrated into every facet of campus operations, from policy making, to academic and research programs, to daily life.

Here, in UC Santa Cruz’s Campus Sustainability Plan 2017-2022, we lay out our sustainability goals for the next five years. It’s a strong plan that builds on our past successes.

Among our goals is the promotion of a campus culture that recognizes sustainability cannot exist without social justice. That’s an acknowledgement that the sustainability movement has excluded traditionally marginalized groups, and that a more diverse movement is a must if global issues like climate change are to be addressed effectively. For us, this will mean strengthening partnerships with local communities and organizations that are already leading the charge in this area.

We will also continue to pursue the goal of a carbon-neutral campus by 2025, an imperative set forth by the UC Office of the President. We will get there by continuing to green our campus vehicles, and by purchasing more power from earth-friendly sources.

I’d like to recognize and thank the plan’s student, staff, and faculty participants; members of the working groups that have spearheaded our efforts; and our Sustainability Office for coordinating the entire process. Such involvement across all academic and administrative divisions speaks to the plan’s universitywide buy-in. That strengthens connections across campus, building bridges that foster progress.

Finally, thanks to the entire UCSC community for embracing this shared vision of the future. We reap benefits beyond our sustainability goals as we build a stronger, more cohesive campus.

George Blumenthal, chancellor
Fall 2017