In 2017, the campus developed a comprehensive Campus Sustainability Plan (CSP) that directly supports the university’s core mission of teaching and research. The plan includes input from campus support units and academic divisions, representation from students, faculty and staff, reflects existing UCOP policies and campus plans, and challenges UCSC to lead and push the boundaries on sustainability goals. The CSP includes 5-year goals, strategies and annual actions for Learning & Culture, Materials Management & Food Systems, Natural Environment & Infrastructure, and Climate & Energy.

In Fall 2017, the Campus Sustainability Plan Steering Committee was charged by Executive Vice Chancellor Marlene Tromp to support the implementation of goals, strategies and annual actions in the 2017-22 Campus Sustainability Plan, by:

  • Engaging campus leadership to facilitate key communications and provide other support as needed
  • Engaging key campus faculty, staff and student partners across academic divisions and campus support units
  • Encouraging key campus divisions and units to take direct leadership on implementation where appropriate
  • Advising the Sustainability Office and other key implementers on priorities and resource allocation
  • Partnering with the Sustainability Office to facilitate effective progress reporting and data collection


View full committee charge and membership here. The committee charge is currently under review and will be updated in Fall 2019.