UC Policy

Since the opening of its first campus in 1868, the University of California system has been committed to responsible stewardship of its resources and education and innovation for the public good. Today, its 10 campuses and five medical centers are nationally recognized living laboratories of sustainability. From directly investing in a sustainable future to innovating climate solutions, UC is working to ensure that students have a healthy environment in which to learn for generations to come. Read about the UC systemwide Sustainability Policy here.


In 2017, the campus developed a comprehensive Campus Sustainability Plan (CSP) that directly supports the university’s core mission of teaching and research. The plan includes input from campus support units and academic divisions, representation from students, faculty and staff, reflects existing UCOP policies and campus plans, and challenges UCSC to lead and push the boundaries on sustainability goals. Learn more about CSP Governance here.

Sustainability Office

The Sustainability Office fosters a culture of sustainability at UCSC by actively engaging students, staff, faculty and community members through education, leadership development, institutional change and behavioral transformation. Learn more at the website.


The UC Santa Cruz Campus Sustainability Plan Fellows program serves as a student employment funding mechanism to support departments in their implementation of projects and programs that forward the Goals, Strategies, and Actions identified in the 2017-22 Campus Sustainability Plan. Learn more on the Funding page.

Progress Report 2017-2022

Visit the Progress Report to review updates on actions from 2017-2022.